Alaminos City, Pangasinan – the newest and the luckiest Suzuki 3S Shop under the Guanzon Group flagship just recently opened in the home of Hundred Islands last September 19, 2023, to further boost customer experience and for patrons to become closer to their dream rides.

Suzuki Philippines, Inc. (SPh) – one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the Philippines today, in partnership with Guanzon Group of Companies – the fastest growing and most trusted motorcycle dealership in the country, officially opened its seventh 3S Shop in EJR Commercial Building, Marcos Avenue, Brgy. Palamis, Alaminos City, Pangasinan.

Being the seventh 3S shop under the Guanzon flagship, the Alaminos branch is being dubbed as the “luckiest” amongst its kind, as the number seven (7) is commonly associated with luck.

The celebration was filled with entertainment and activities and was attended by locals, visitors, and Suzuki motorcycle enthusiasts.

Also in attendance were executives from both Guanzon Group of Companies and Suzuki Philippines, Inc., led by their respective presidents Mr. Guanson Y. Lo (Guanzon) and Mr. Koichiro Hirao (SPh).

The day-long celebration started with a safety riding seminar conducted by experts from Suzuki Philippines which is integral as both Guanzon and SPh are massive advocators of reliable road usage, safety, and responsible driving; followed by a motorcade featuring local Suzuki riders.

The store blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony were held to formally open the shop and ask abundant blessings to the business.

Then, Guanzon Group President, Mr. Guanson Y. Lo, gave a heartwarming welcome remark to everyone in attendance, emphasizing the importance of After-Sales management in our business. After-sales support in any business is integral to higher customer satisfaction, trust, and customer loyalty which leads to success.

Suzuki Philippines President, Mr. Koichiro Hirao, also gave a special message to everyone in attendance, where he stated that our care and connection for our riders do not end with the purchase of motorcycles, but continue even after the vehicle’s usage has been fully maximized.

Mr. Hirao was also thankful to all the attendees, especially the riders, as the grand opening would not be meaningful without their presence, attendance, and participation.

Guanzon Group, together with Suzuki Philippines, Inc., hopes that every rider considers all motorcycle shops and branches as their vehicle’s second home – old and young, experienced and beginners.

Guests, VIPs, and motorcycle enthusiasts in attendance were also delighted with a dance number by Guanzon’s energetic mascot, KAY, which was followed by a ceremonial wine toasting with the executives of Guanzon and SPh.

The fun-filled celebration did not end there, as the most-awaited highlight of the day happened afterward.

The second part of the festivity, dubbed Rider’s Night, where two Suzuki scooters were featured, three raffle draws were held, and the newest Suzuki Raider Babe was crowned. The audience was also enthralled by a live band, dance performances, and more giveaways.

SPh featured their two top-selling scooters, the Avenis and Burgman Street, where the crowd was fascinated with its features, sleek design, and affordability.

The Suzuki Raider Babe candidates wowed the audience as they sizzled the evening with their production numbers and rider-wear outfits. In the end, the most deserving babe won and the crowd cheered and applauded.

The night formally ended while the crowd was being serenaded by a live band. Everyone went home safely and with a smile.

The historic grand opening of Suzuki Alaminos 3S Shop was remarkable that it was still being talked about by people in attendance, reminiscing about the event, and craving for more from Suzuki Philippines and Guanzon Group.

As their infamous tagline goes, “Oras na para mag-motor!”, kaya “Tara G, KAY Guanzon tayo!”