As one of Kawasaki’s top-of-the-line motorcycle models, the Ninja ZX-14R provides high a balance of Extreme Excitement & Everyday Versatility.

The Ninja ZX-14R offers high levels of riding excitement as one of Kawasaki’s top-of-line motorcycle models. The Ninja ZX-14R’s engine and chassis tuning, both contribute to a package that delivers high performance while being easy to ride. So while it delivers a high level of power and the agility to hustle through a series of curves, the Ninja ZX-14R is also comfortable enough to accommodate long distance touring for days on end. This balance of Extreme Excitement and Everyday Versatility – something it holds in common with other legendary models in its lineage combined with a number of new prestige features that elevate both its performance and its presence, is what makes this model almighty, and why it will continue to be called the King of All Sport Bikes.

  • Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, Fuel Injected, In-Line Four
  • Displacement: 1441cc
  • Max Power: 197.3 HP @ 10,000 rpm
  • Max Torque: 158.2 N.m (16.1 kgf.m) @ 7500 rpm
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Curb Mass: 269kg
  • Fuel Capacity: 22L


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