Mobitek Stores Adapting the New Normal for its Retail Operations

Most retail stores are now operating under the government guidelines for the new normal due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that has affected most industries. When the government lifted the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), selected retail stores were allowed to operate in a limited manpower capacity under the new form of quarantine- General Community Quarantine (GCQ), where measures are more relaxed compared to the earlier ECQ. Proper health protocols are still observed such as physical distancing, wearing of mask, regular washing of hands and regular disinfections in store premises.

With the required changes in our standard operating procedures, retail stores of the Guanzon Group Mobile Phone Division adapted to this new normal. Face-to-face engagements with Guanzon frontliners require social distancing practices at 1 to 1.5 meters with the customers. Sales areas are equipped with floor markers to ensure that proper distancing requirements are met and hand sanitizers are stationed at the stores’ entrance areas. These innovations and practices have been instituted for the safety and comfort of both our shoppers and the Guanzon employees.

With the new normal, people are avoiding public places including malls as a precautionary measure against COVID- 19. In view of this, online stores and other digital platforms where shopping is safe and convenient have sprouted and has infused a vibrant respite in the otherwise lethargic economy. With this current trend, the Guanzon Group Mobile Phone Division has taken the challenge and strengthened its E-Commerce and social media platforms to cater to the needs of its online customers.

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