Guanzon Group of Companies Donates Suction Machines to R1MC

The Guanzon Group of Companies continues its support to the united effort to fight the Covid19 pandemic by donating 10 units of Indoplas Suction Machines to the Region 1 Medical Center in Dagupan City.

The portable aspirator machines will be used in the R1MC for patients who suffer from various respiratory ailments who will need tracheostomy care by removing obstructions in a patients’ airways.

With the 10 new units added to the existing suction machines of the hospital, the service to patients can be further improved by R1MC medical staff, while also reducing the long wait times due to lack of these machines.

The donation was made thru the LGK Guanzon Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the Guanzon Group, and turnover was made to R1MC represented by Dr. Jude Gonzalves, aSurgical Intensive Care Section Head, and Dr. Rodrigo Segui, Chairman of the Department of Surgery of R1MC.

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