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Experience a ride that is both fun and cozy! – The Mio i125 is one such scooter that will elevate your riding experience! The engine produces a lot of power and accelerates quickly, allowing you to gain speed on wide roads. It’s a daily commuter bike with excellent agility and handling, and is durable enough […]

The Maxi-Scooter You Can Afford!

The Suzuki Burgman Street is touted to have extremely maneuverable handling characteristics, making it very easy to balance at absurdly low speeds and effortlessly filter through traffic without lowering your feet. The only 125cc scooter that can give you a scaled down maxi-scooter like experience at less than a fraction of the cost! Available at […]


The new Mio Fazzio epitomizes the distinct expression of this generation and represents Yamaha’s commitment to offer a stylish product. It provides dependable, high-quality mobility with a contemporary, urban flair for a sophisticated lifestyle. Its lively and essential hues reveal people’s personalities and give off the appearance of a next-generation fashionable at. Available at any […]


Do you want to stun the world while riding on your motorcycle? Simply ride on Kawasaki Rouser-RS200 to fulfill this dream of yours! The tremendously powerful engine deserves all of the glory due to its incredible power output. Not only does it express your masculine side with its aggressive appearance, but the well-sculpted shape is […]


An ultimate beginner-friendly scooter that is sure to offer a pleasurable ride to its user – The Honda BeAT is for those people wanting a daily commuting bike that is high on practicality but doesn’t discard style. From its sleek and utilitarian appearance to its small motor, the scooter is a genuine package on offer […]


The Suzuki Smash 115 is a budget-friendly bike that offers dependable handling on city streets, highways, and various terrains. With a smooth battery and uncomplicated riding prowess, it also gives superb fuel efficiency and with no maintenance worry! Our special offer is waiting for you! The promo will run from June 01, 2022 until June […]


The Yamaha Mio Gear is designed for you to explore the rugged concrete city! It has an eco-indicator and provides a powerful, dependable, and economical driving experience. Because of its slender design, the vehicle can easily maneuver across confined locations. The Yamaha Mio Gear is a sturdy and practical scooter designed to handle the rigors […]


So simple yet so durable that you will love to ride on a daily basis – The Honda TMX125 Alpha is known for its fuel efficiency while riding at a specific speed constantly. Offering a perfect balance and control in terms of its acceleration due to its legendary OHV engine that delivers a good fuel […]


Need to grind out a 60-mile-a-day commute? No problem! The Kawasaki Z400 will throw in phenomenal fuel mileage. An approachable, fun, affordable machine that welcomes both new and experienced riders. Perfect for ripping around the city or tearing up a mountain road. The kind of bike that will bring out the best rider in you! […]


With its massive size and futuristic, edgy, and sporty design – The Yamaha Mio AeroxS can stun bike enthusiasts with its visual appeal at the very first instance. It is a compact two-wheeler equipped with a lot of tech for a vehicle in its class. If one such vehicle is hyped in the market and […]