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City Ride with CT150!

With a simple, uncomplicated, no-frills motorcycle that simply takes you to your destination! – The Kawasaki CT150 stands out for its durability and sustainability in terms of riding enjoyment and efficiency. A bike that counts for reliability and endurance in terms of ride quality and performance! Available at any Guanzon Multibrands & Guanzon Kawasaki 3s […]

Cut the chase! Buy the AirBlade!

Boasting updated styling, new tech, and of course, an entirely new engine – The latest generation 160cc of the All-New Honda AirBlade160 allows you to accelerate along while cutting through the wind.The iteration of the scooter gets sleek new colorways that give it a much sportier look than before. Available at any Guanzon Multibrand and […]

Stand Out With Soul!

Yamaha Mio Soul I 125 gives out a full sense of a bike and keeps you informed about its features, capabilities, and safety. The scooter is designed to keep up with a minimalistic look with its practical handling that adds to the machine’s mobility. Available at any Guanzon Multi-Brand Shops and Yamaha 3s Shops near […]


With the Yamaha Mio Gear, you can explore the untamed concrete metropolis! It features an eco-indicator and offers a strong, reliable, and cost-effective driving experience. The vehicle can readily maneuver through limited spaces thanks to its slim form. The Yamaha Mio Gear is a reliable and useful scooter made to withstand the demands of daily […]

Feel the breeze with Airblade 150!

Honda Airblade 150 is a solid choice for an everyday commuter. This is the perfect option if you always prefer to have a passenger along for the ride! Providing you with a smooth ride, fun acceleration, and responsive handling in a compact size! Great offer is waiting for you! Get a FREE RUDY PROJECT WATCH […]

WRide it WRight!

The Yamaha WR155R offers novice riders modest dirt bike performance without the speed and complexity of a much bigger machine. Definitely a bike with an exceptionally well-tuned liquid-cooled motor that has the best power in its class, a 6-speed transmission, a suspension with well-sorted damping characteristics, good overall ergonomics for riding on and off road, […]

Tatak ng Mas Pinabarako!

A manly appearance, a sense for business and a gentleman enough to think of its riders! The Kawasaki Barako III brings you the retro appeal which you’ll find missing in today’s generation.Whether you want to utilize this as a business bike or for daily riding, you will always be in a win-win position with this […]

Precession, Efficiency, and Style!

The most reliable bike you can easily carry out most of your everyday operations with – The Honda Wave RSX is one of the most affordable ride that is designed to get the job done! This perfect commuter has been all about giving the riders a fun of their ride, without them having to worry […]