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Xtreme Lowest Downpayment Promo

Keep your food fresh 3x longer with this kitchen essential from XTREME Appliances Available for installment for up to 12 months. NO Credit Card is needed! Seal the ultimate cooling experience in our LOWEST DOWNPAYMENT promo at GUANZON Xtreme San Carlos City & Tayug. Inquire now! 👍🏼 #GuanzonGroup #XTREMEAppliances #GuanzonMobitek #installmentpromo

Huawei Price Drop Alert!

PRICE DROP ALERT 📢 Keep that power in your pocket as you stay productive with this light & compact #Matebook from HUAWEI Avail yours at any Guanzon Mobitek & Guanzon Huawei Concept Stores Also available on flexible payment terms for up to 6 months on select credit cards. 👍🏼 Promo runs until June 30, 2022 […]

Shopee Payday Sale

Ang cravings natin for today ay bagong cellphone 🤭 Get these amazing tech selections at a discounted price this #ShopeePaydaySale 🤩 Visit Guanzon Official Store and Official Website today! 😉 SHOP ONLINE 🛒 Guanzon Shopee Official Store🌐 Guanzon Mobile Online Store #GuanzonMobitek #ShopeePH #Shopee55BrandsFestival

Xtreme Appliances Installment Promo

Aircon na galit sa init? Meron ang XTREME Appliances n’yan! Make your days extra cool & comfortable with these SULIT aircon units available for installment for up to 12 months. NO Credit Card is needed! Have a tour at GUANZON Xtreme San Carlos City & Tayug to avail our coolest surprise this month. Inquire now! […]

Samsung Galaxy Tabs 0% Interest Promo

Be versatile as you optimize your everyday routine with these #GalaxyTabs from Samsung 💙 Available on flexible payment terms at 0% interest for up to 12 months term! Apply online or in-store at any Guanzon Mobitek & Samsung Concept Stores near you until June 30, 2022. #GuanzonMobitek #SamsungPH #installmentpromo